Questions & Answers

General Questions

Where can I embark/disembark?

We are located in the heart of Frankfurt (Mainkai, Eiserner Steg). Primus Linie serves a variety of departure points alone Main and Rhine. Please see each trip with corresponding timetable for departure points. During our sightseeing tour in Frankfurt you may embark and disembark at Eiserner Steg, Gerbermühle and Holbeinsteg.

How much in advance should I be at the landing stage?

Boarding of the boats is possible 30 minutes before departure. The exception is if the boat is on course and is making a stop in order to let passengers on and off the boat.

Which landing stages are wheelchair accessible?

Frankfurt (requires prior notice), Offenbach, HU Kesselstadt, HU Steinheim,  Aschaffenburg, Kelsterbach, Rüsselsheim, Mainz (possible use of wheelchair accessible landing stage, requires prior notice), Wiesbaden, Rüdesheim (possible use of wheelchair accessible landing stage, requires prior notice)

Are strollers allowed on board?

Of course an a day trip an sightseeing cruises. Event trips,Fireworks Spectacular "Rhein in Flammen" and cruises on New Year's Eve by request.

Are dogs allowed on board?

They are only allowed on day trips and sightseeing cruises (not on event trips). Does not apply to the day trips with bus transfer. Please see to it that the dog is held on a leash while on board.

Are bicycles allowed on board?

Yes, if spots are available (at no additional charge). In some cases the captain decides whether a bicycle is allowed on board.

What food services do you offer?

Everything is possible from a cocktail reception with or without appetizers to an exquisite four-course meal. You will find suggestions under “Food Services.” For groups we recommend ordering in advance from our current menu.

Are there any security checks?

We shall conduct random bag checks on any of our tours. Please cooperate with our staff to facilitate handling this procedure

Is it possible to book a table?

In principle, there is no entitlement to a fixed seat or table. However, the shipping company reserves the right to allocate seats in the interior on certain cruises. The open deck is available to every guest, but is not reserved.

Groups are seated together. Depending on the size of the group and the ship's layout, this may be divided into several tables. If it is desired that different groups sit together, we can note this request but cannot guarantee that this can be realised. The latter also applies to special table requests such as window seats, upper deck, etc.  

Please inform us of any table reservation requests at least 1 week before the cruise.

Will the timetables/newsletters automatically be sent or do I have to request them every time they are newly released?

You may request timetables on our homepage. If you accept the agreement we will send new releases of the newsletter to our registered customers. Therefore, you will always be up to date with what Primus Linie has to offer.

Is smoking permitted on board?

All of our boats’ indoor areas on all public trips are non-smoking.

Parking & Directions

How do I get to the Eiserner Steg landing stage? Is parking available?

You will find the necessary information under "Contact".

Is parking for tour buses available near the landing stages Frankfurt/Eiserner Steg?

A stopping bay is available directly on Mainkai for short stops. Otherwise, parking is available on Berliner Street near St. Paul’s Church (Paulskirche) (2 hour parking limit), as well as in front of the youth hostel in Sachsenhausen.


How many people do I need for a boat charter in order to make it cost worthwhile?

This is an entirely individual decision. Our smallest boat, Wikinger I, is suited for 35 to 80 people. Your privacy is furthermore ensured with a boat charter.

Which boat will be used for the trip I booked?

The boats are utilized as they are needed. It is not possible to book a specific boat.

What happens if a boat is delayed (e.g., due to work on locks)?

Please be aware that delays may occur due to transit, and in this case the specified arrival and departure times cannot be maintained. The fixed departure time of a return trip will not be modified in case of a boat’s delayed arrival at its destination.

What is the departure location of the bus returning from the “Rhine in Flames” tours?

Binger Loch (July): Guests from Mainz and Wiesbaden return with the boat; guests from Frankfurt return with the bus from Wiesbaden-Biebrich.
Koblenz (August): All guests return from Bacharach to their respective boarding locations.
Oberwesel and Loreley (September): Return from Bacharach to their respective boarding locations.
Subject to change on short notice.

Is information about the sights provided during the trip?

Yes, in German and English. The day trips offer information about the important places of interest along the banks during the outward ride. Both of the 50-minute trips of the sightseeing cruise in Frankfurt include details about the city’s significant sights.

Is the New Year’s Eve Cruise appropriate for children?

We would not recommend the tour for children under the age of (approx.) 12.

Can I join an evening event cruise without previous booking?

Certainly, this is possible provided that the cruise is not fully booked. You can purchase your ticket on board.

Where can I join a tour?

The locations where you can board a boat are stated in the trip’s information. Therefore, it is possible to join a tour at all specified stations.

Can I reserve seats on board?

We recommend boarding the boat in time in order to select a seat (boarding 30 min before departure unless stated otherwise). We reserve neighboring seats for groups of more than 10 persons.. Please take account of assigned table numbers on certain tours.

How can I pay on board?

We accept cash and credit cards on board.
A charge will be made according to valid prices at the time of payment when paying by credit card (currently €1). Payment with debit card or cash is free of charge.
Please note that there is a minimum charge of €20 when paying by credit card and/or debit card.

Gift Certificates

How do I retain my voucher?

Please book the tour you would like to take in writing (online/mail). Lost vouchers cannot be replaced. In case of no-shows please send the vouchers back to us. otherwise we will have to send a bill accordingly.

Can I buy gift certificates and give them away as presents? If yes, how do I do that?

Of course you can buy a gift certificate for any of our tours. You can purchase the gift certificate for a particular trip or can make it out for a specific amount. Please be sure to order gift certificates for Christmas early. (The order should be made about 14 days before December 24th in order to ensure a punctual delivery.)

When does my gift voucher expire?

The validity found on the gift certificate applies. The law allows for 3 years of validity; no extensions are made beyond that.

Tickets and Payment

Can I print my own ticket?

We offer a print@home ticketing for most cruises. You may select this option when booking your ticket. Tickets will be send via email in PDF format and must be printed. Please note that these digital tickets cannot be exchanged or returned.

Do you have mobile/digital tickets?

We offer digital/mobile tickets for many of our tours. You may select this option when booking your tickets. They will be send to you via email and/or are available for download in your wallet. Please note that these tickets cannot be exchanged or returned.

How do I book tickets for a trip?

Tickets for day trips or sightseeing cruises with more than 10 people should be ordered in writing (letter, fax, www.primus-linie.de). Generally, we recommend booking tickets for event tours in written form (letter, fax, www.primus-linie.de).

Where can I buy tickets?

You can acquire tickets at our ticketing kiosk at Eisernen Steg, Mainkai 36, 60311 Frankfurt. For further information and ticket office opening hours go to “Contact”.
You can conveniently book tickets online; we will send your order by mail or you can pick it up at the ticketing kiosk. Please note that we cannot be made liable for any tickets lost in the mailing process.

What is the payment process for tickets?

Payments can be made in cash, by debit or credit card. Payment with credit or debit cards is only possible at the ticketing kiosk at Eiserner Steg. When ordering online you have the possibility to have your tickets sent to you by mail (payment on invoice, shipping charge by standard letter €3.50 or by insured letter €5.50) or to pick them up at the ticket office. (If tickets are not picked up 14 days before date of trip they will automatically be sent by mail incurring a charge of €3.50.)

When do I have to pick up the tickets I ordered?

You have to pick up the tickets 14 days in advance; ticket that have not been collected by the time the trip takes place will be charged incurring a fee of €3.50.

Can I buy one-way tickets?

Yes, there is a one-way ticket, valid for day trips to Seligenstadt, Aschaffenburg, Rüdesheim and from Wiesbaden/Mainz to Frankfurt
30% discount and only applies to the full-paying adult price.

Additional we offer a combined ticket in cooperation with RMV for your return after the boat trip. The extended RMV ticket is also available. (Please see question below regarding extended combined ticket.)

How do the combined tickets with Primus-Linie and RMV work?

The combined ticket, which Primus-Linie and Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund (RMV) offer jointly, can be purchased for Primus day trips in two versions.

With the standard version passengers travel with Primus boats to their destination and location of return (e.g., Aschaffenburg, Seligenstadt, Rüdesheim, Wiesbaden/Mainz). There you can take the train for the return trip, provided that you bought a combined ticket.

The second version, the extended combined ticket, works the opposite way around: passengers purchase this combined ticket in advance (or on the day of travel at the Primus-Linie ticketing kiosk), travel by train to their destination or location of return (e.g., Aschaffenburg, Seligenstadt, Rüdesheim, Wiesbaden/Mainz) or other landing stages of the return route and travel back by boat. The return trip with public transportation from the dock to your home within the RMV region is included in this ticket.

I reserved tickets for a trip. When do I have to give a definite response?

It depends on the trip and is dealt with individually. Notice must be given between 1 and 3 months in advance regarding popular trips (for example, New Year’s Eve Cruise and Rhine in Flames trips)

Can I provide a different shipping address for the tickets I ordered?

Yes. You must supply this information (click on the field “different shipping address” and fill in). Please note that we charge a processing fee of €3.50 for late requests for change of shipping address.

Can I change the billing address or delivery adress later ?

Yes. Please note: We charge a processing fee of € 10,00 for a subsequent change in the delivery or billing address.

Prices and Discounts

Are group discounts available?

Yes. Group discounts apply to day trips to Seligenstadt, Aschaffenburg, Rüdesheim and from Wiesbaden/Mainz to Frankfurt: for 10 full-paying adults or more there is a 10% discount, for 20 full-paying adults or more a 15% discount, for 30 full-paying adults or more a 20% discount. There are no discounts for all other trips.

When do the senior citizen rates apply?

Senior citizens aged 63 years and over pay 30% of the ticket price of all day trips if the round trip is made by boat. This special offer applies to trips to Seligendstadt, Aschaffenburg, Rüdesheim and Wiesbaden/Mainz to Frankfurt. Combined tickets are not possible. Only one discount can be used. The shipping company reserves the right to offer only a certain allotment of tickets. Due to limited seating capacity a binding reservation for senior citizen groups of 10 persons or more is required.

Do you have special rates for disabled passengers?

We do not have disabled fares. We are not subject to the statutory regulation.

If proof of ID B (permanent companion) is provided, the companion receives a 50% discount on the adult fare. This only applies if the ID card holder pays the full adult fare. This only applies to day trips to Seligenstadt, Aschaffenburg, Wiesbaden/Mainz to Frankfurt and to Rüdesheim if the outward and return journeys are by boat. This also applies to round trips in Frankfurt and Seligenstadt.

Are there various discount groupings?

We give a 20% discount on our sightseeing cruise Frankfurt (50 or 100 minutes) and sightseeing cruise Seligenstadt and our daytrips (to Rüdesheim, Aschaffenburg and Seligenstadt and from Wiesbaden/Mainz to Frankfurt) to the following individuals: schoolchildren over 15 years of age, students, Frankfurt Pass holders, Hesse volunteer card holders, ADAC membership card holders.  

Frankfurt Card holders receive 20% discount on our sightseeing cruise Frankfurt (50 or 100 minutes).  

RheinMainCard holders receive 20% discount on our sightseeing cruise Frankfurt (50 or 100 minutes) and our daytrips (to Rüdesheim, Aschaffenburg, Seligenstadt and Wiesbaden/Mainz to Frankfurt).  

Wiesbaden Tourist Card holders receive 20% discount on our daytrips (to Rüdesheim and Wiesbaden/Mainz to Frankfurt) from landing stage Wiesbaden-Biebrich.  

Please note for daytrips: the discount is not valid for our combined ticket (with public traffic RMV). Only for outward and return journeys by boat.

Please note: all discounts are only valid on full adult fares.

FamiliyCard Hesse holders receive 10% discount on our familyticket (valid for 2 adults and 1-3 payable children (6-14 years)) on our sightseeing cruise Frankfurt (50 or 100 minutes).  

Unfortunately, these discounts cannot be booked online as proof must be provided directly in site.

Do you have special prices for children?

Up to 3 children under 6 years old accompanied by a full-paying adult travel free of charge. Children under the age of 14 pay 50% of the ticket price (on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the Hessian and Rhineland-Palatinate school vacations the ticket price is € 13.00). This rule does not apply to evening trips and listed prices for children.