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Because there is only one barbecue season ...

... and it lasts 365 days. BBQ during winter? Anyone who thought this is purely a summer phenomenom should think it over. Join us for a barbecue session that focuses on 2 kinds of German friedsausages. As this boat ride takes place just before new year, we’re offering 4 types of mulled wine (hot spiced wine) along with delicious salads to accompany the sausages.

Online booking is possible until 2 days before traveling date. Otherwise tickets can be obtained directly from the agency at the landing stage.


Month Dates
December 2020
20 (Su)


Landing stages Departure Arrival Comments
Frankfurt Eiserner Steg / Mainkai 19:30 22:00


Departing landing stageAdults
Frankfurt Eiserner Steg / Mainkai€ 41,50
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