Bayrische Gaudi ab Wiesbaden und Mainz


Let's meetLet's meet
Bayrische Gaudi ab Wiesbaden und Mainz

Bavarian fun on the Rhine

Autumn is coming and we don't want to do without typical Bavarian delicacies, cold beer and a little cosiness. The motto is: meet friends, have something to eat and drink together - and all this in front of a backdrop that no location, however hip, can offer: the unmistakable and constantly changing skyline of the city. A DJ ensures a good atmosphere, depending on what is currently allowed: dance moves or rocking the feet, finger acrobatics and nodding the head.

Traditional costumes are welcome, but not a must.

Please notice our special offer for groups!

Dates, Timetable & Prices


Online booking is possible until 2 days before traveling date.


Month Dates
September 2022
23 (Fr)
24 (Sa)


Landing stages Departure Arrival Comments
Wiesbaden-Biebrich 18:45 - Schiffsöffnung 30 Min. vor Abfahrt 22:15
Mainz-Fischtor 19:15 22:45


Departing landing stageAdults
Wiesbaden-Biebrich€ 26,00
Mainz-Fischtor€ 26,00

Your additional options for this trip

Option Price
Grilled knuckles
with sauerkraut and farmer’s bread
from wooden board
€ 14,90
1 pair of white sausages
with sweet mustard and 1 pretzel
€ 6,50
Half chicken
with potato-cucumber salad and radish
€ 12,70
Baked meatloaf
with 2 fried eggs and farmer’s bread
€ 10,50
Vegetarian Pretzel dumplings
filled with mozzarella and cream mushrooms
€ 12,80
Vegetarian Cheese spätzle
(small flour dumplings) with mountain cheese
and salad
€ 12,70
Radish salad
with cucumbers, radishes, chives,
butter and bread
€ 6,50
1 pretzel with Obatzda € 5,50
Alpen Sepp's snack plate
with strong mountain cheese, Obatzda, a boiled egg
gherkins, radishes, Landjäger sausage, bacon
farmhouse bread and butter
€ 13,90
Please note: Only available with tickets! Oktoberfest-special offer (only valid for groups from 25 Persons!) € 29,50

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Please be informed, that in case allergies and food intolerances are not communicated prior to the event, we might not be able to offer an alternative meal.