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The Nauheimer family has been active in boating and shipping since 1880 on the Main River. It was Peter Nauheimer who in 1880 bought the steamboat "Germania", refurbished it and launched it as his first boat under the name of "Frankfurt". The offer of transportation across the Main waterway was an immediate success. In fact, Captain Peter Nauheimer was warned by officials not to exceed the authorised number of 200 passengers onboard the "Germania". In 1888, the first landing stage outside Frankurt, in the bordering village of Schwanheim, was built. Documents dating back to 1887 show the impressive frequency with which the steamboat travelled between Frankfurt and Schwanheim. It also laid down the long-standing family boating tradition.

Anton Nauheimer, Peter's great-grandson, founded the "Frankfurter Personenschiffahrt Anton Nauheimer GmbH" in 1980. Today, the company owns five striking boats that are known as "Primus Linie" and transport passengers along the Main, Rhine and Neckar Rivers.

In contrast to 1880 today's boats serve the leisure activities of the company's guests, rather than acting solely as a means of transportation for workers everyday.

A short history of passenger shipping in Frankfurt

1914 - 1945: Nauheimer's cannot be thrown off course

1949: Full steam ahead

1974: Welcome on board PRIMUS LINIE

1998: Into the future with combined business forces

2012: A new addition to the fleet as well as to the management of the company